Tammy Verge talks about bums!

It takes courage to talk about bums in the media and do it well. Cottonelle has asked us to give it a go. We all went: «what?!!! Do you mean we will get a chance to work on bums at the office and get paid for it???!!!»

Yeap that’s what the good folks at Cottonelle meant.

We came up with a specific Québec campaign helmed by Tammy Verge a great entertainer that has a knack for talking about delicate subjects gracefully and wittily, with the general public. 

The premise was simple: send Tammy on the road to talk to people about their bathroom routine, to introduce the new Cottonelle washlets and get a conversation going about using wet and dry products.


By engaging our audience in a conversation about the fresh, clean feeling of the Cottonelle Care Routine, we believe people will change shopping habits by putting both Cottonelle dry and moist on their list. 

Here are the other 3 videos:




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