Music is in the air, everywhere I look around!


Nokia announced this spring the launch of its free music streaming service Nokia Music in Canada. Nokia Music is a free mobile experience exclusive to Nokia Lumia handsets, providing consumers with a simple and delightful way to discover and enjoy music.

Consumers can stream music from a suite of over 150 exclusive playlists that are curated and kept up to date by an expert team of musicologists. The playlists span a wide spectrum of musical genres from underground Detroit house tracks to New York Philharmonic favorites.  Nokia Music also offers playlists created by global artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. 

It is not often that we deliver swinging news to Québec media, but this campaign got us singing the greatest hits… that is the PR hits:) All summer long we provided influencers and medias in Québec with cool French playlists and stories from our biggest Qc stars.  Sustained coverage of the new service spanned a period of 3 months with over 6 million impressions. 

No one missed a beat:)

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