Raising awareness for urinary incontinence with PJ Stock


The program was developed to introduce consumers to the new Depend Silhouette and Real Fit undergarment briefs, raise awareness of the health issue of incontinence to Québec media, encourage Canadians to try the new Depend undergarment briefs and drive product sales.

A media day was organize with the help of PJ Stock at the start of the NHL calendar. 

We want to extend our gratitude to PJ for his support and enthusiasm raising awareness about urinary incontinence. 

According to a recent survey of family physicians’ knowledge, attitudes and practices, the authors found that “Although most respondents reported that urinary incontinence was common in their practices, less than half (46.0%) indicated that they clearly understood incontinence and just 37.9% had an organized plan for incontinence problems. Only 35.0% of respondents felt very comfortable dealing with incontinence.”

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